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Value&Growth Investment Opportunities

Stock Picks for Stellar Perfomance

Get access to our live portfolio of underpriced stocks that will deliver x0+% returns while keeping risk at minimum

  • only liqiud, widely traded stocks (no penny stocks);

  • clear technical picture with long-term wave count;

  • solid fundamentals, healthy businesses; 

  • favourable industry context, based on wider economic research and thinking.

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Value + Growth

Generally speaking, a Value Stock trades for a price that’s cheaper than its financial performance and fundamentals suggest that it’s worth. A Growth Stock is a stock in a company expected to deliver above-average returns compared to its industry peers or the overall stock market.

Source: - investing in value stocks.

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'Techmental' Approach

Fundamental research tells us what stock to pick (value) and technical charts tell us when (growth). That allows us using the capital as efficiently as possible without having it strapped for years as it happens when investing with traditional value investment techniques without looking at charts.   

Diversified Supercharged Portfolio

We do it across many industries picking bottoms in solid stocks with history. Businesses that proved resilient in the past and demonstrating strong technical and fundamental cues for future performance. 

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