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Our Method

Market Analytics and Trading

Trading is like climbing a mountain top. That’s the toughest part of what we do. A lot of people will dare attempt, but only a few make it to the top. In fact, less than 
4% of traders are consistently profitable. And, maybe, only 5% of market analysis out there is worth your screen time. This is a high risk, high reward business. We do not sell or teach trading strategies, but you can have access to our analytical suite that many believe is the best on the market.

Value and Growth Investing

This is what you cultivate, the trees you plant to create a thriving ecosystem. We use a mix of technical and fundamental analysis to select undervalued investment opportunities that generate the most growth. In our model and around the world capital appreciation is the primary engine for creating wealth. You can choose to track our Value&Growth Portfolio that we meticulously cultivate to produce exceptional returns.

Dividend Investing

The steady stream of cash flowing out of your investments to pay you back for all the effort and risk you took. Again, here we leverage our technical skill set and trading experience to identify high-performance yet fundamentally sound dividend payers. Businesses with strong past performance and future potential whose stock is likely to maintain an uptrend over time while minimising any potential volatility in value.   

Wealth Management

Now you can have it all once you become a resident of our Wealth Lab. The trick is simple - we use our trading income stream to pick undervalued opportunities in the stock market. Then gradually shift capital into mature dividend-paying stocks. Our technical skill set allows us to do this at a much faster pace than an average investor.


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