WhiteWater is a closed investment community that was created by and for individuals who want to stay ahead of fast-moving markets. 


About Us

WhiteWater started in 2020 as an unincorporated asset management firm by a handful of HNW enthusiasts. 

We focus on blending proven methods of technical and behavioural patterns analysis. 

Being a small boutique firm we operate in selected markets developing insights and designing strategies to deliver value to our clients through any economic environment.

Image by Miguel A. Amutio


Image by Clay Banks

Portfolio Management

Using our insights we build portfolios to outperform the market, picking supercharged value and growth opportunities, while avoiding hype and noise.

Scattered Coins

Crypto Markets

We are not fond of HODL strategy. Instead, we seek opportunities to enter and actively manage our exposure. Immature crypto markets present incredible opportunities where timing to get in and out is crucial.

Analyzing Graphs

Trading Futures

We keep trading futures and options using classical old-school methods in a selected variety of markets. This is where we started and this is what we are good at. On a subscription basis, we offer access to our impactful analysis to fuel trading profits or time investments.